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Content Management System

After a while, your business partner tells you that has already seen a very similar design on another site, then others will notice. The Internet news quickly diverge. And if you value your image, you simply need to do a site redesign. The second is a simple example to save the system Content Management you have developed a static site from a set of unmanaged html-pages. Business as we know, tends to evolve, and business website should also be developed, supplemented with new and new partitions, merchandise and other information.

Your administrator will be increasingly difficult to maintain the site. Will either have to hire additional staff, or transfer site content management system. Since then, the price creation of the site can be so low? Create a site for $ 400 – Is this possible? It’s time to say “Yes, maybe!”. We can create a business website for $ 400! Our company has never offered and does not offer its customers save by using templates or lowering the quality of website development, and, nevertheless, we managed to reduce the price of creating a site to one of the lowest marks among web developers in Kazakhstan. Management system content (CMS – Content Management System) site – it is one of the main advantages of our company as a developer of Web sites. That content management system of its own design will reduce the cost of developing the site. Throughout CMS developed a few months being finalized and modernized.

The result is a set of papers the most popular content management system modules, which provide a standard functional business site. The site owner can own, having only knowledge of Word and Excel, to manage content (Content) site, for example, create, edit and delete partitions, publish news and articles, to change contact information. At the expense of established standard modules CMS (directory ‘,’ articles ‘,’ news …), absolutely easy integration of any design with CMS, as well as greater use of technology XML / XSL, we suggest you create a site for a record low price! If the standard set of functions for the project will not be enough, our programmers quickly finalize the existing modules or develop new ones, to achieve enhanced functionality of your site.

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