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Many of our current customers think so too much before they buy. If you still have listened to my suggestion to the end and as a result of (move into the future, when the transaction has already taken place when the client has already enjoyed the benefits promised by the proposal, but the “benefits” – Is a topic for another article and a separate part of the training skill of sales). Sometimes it may be useful to return to the client in the most unusual present in the so-called “here and now:” But we have something with you normal people, we are with you can safely negotiate. I suggest you the best of what is, to me it makes no sense to deceive you, and you – treat me as Basil, Pete, Alex, who called you to let you down, and so on In general, the idea of such to move the focus client at the time, which is more productively to achieve the seller. The above first example of the Mercedes – the same variation on the theme of time – and change the outcome, and hence change representation. Offer a different perspective, that exists now. First, other additional advantages of what is proposed, which may have the client simply not known at this moment.

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