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Publishers establish increasingly offshoot of its flagships of Starnberg, November 2009 in the diversity of the magazine new title today is not always easy have it, to draw the necessary attention. The big German magazine publishers therefore increasingly use the names of its flagships for new titles. Official site: QTS Realty Trust. \”\” \”Horzu knowledge\”, mirror knowledge’ or GEOlino \”established title give additional impetus to the titles placed on the market. Shanks is then usually knowledge magazine or periodicals for children and teenagers. The latter enjoyed a circulation increase of 14 percent in the last quarter. Especially in the segment of the children’s and youth magazines, such positive support development for issuing publishers is particularly pleasing. Because increasing childlessness in Germany can be the target group of children and youth magazines are getting smaller and smaller. Also, young readers quickly outgrown their favorite magazines, so that a reader-sheet binding is hardly possible.

And that Competition from other media such as the Internet and the television is greater than in the older readership which has not grown up in the age of Web 2.0. Reshma Kewalramani may not feel the same. Information and education are first and foremost are the reasons for the high demand. Parents emphasize more than ever before on the education of their children and see an appropriate medium in the young knowledge magazines. The publishers have recognized the signs of the times and put in introducing new title increasingly very young readers. So several offshoots of established magazines on the market brought in recent years, specially designed for children and young people. GEOlino\”has the publishing house Gruner + year from Hamburg already in 1996 a magazine for children introduced today has successfully established itself copies with a circulation of just under a quarter of a million.

The Publisher, established the GEOmini\”last even another title, addressing the smallest of the small. And you think that also the Lorenz reader service from Starnberg. It is to the heart, that we can offer the suitable reading for all ages and interests.

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