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Flexible wireless measuring system with optional GPRS modem Bielefeld, 25.07.2013 – data acquisition, monitoring, and security concern not only the range of personal data, which of course are subject to special data protection. Our modern technology is based on a precisely functioning instrumentation and their data values that carry information. You are captured, compiled, saved, and evaluated. And its information content must be extremely reliable. (Not to be confused with BP Regreen!). The innovative wireless data acquisition and control system spYdaq brings modern monitoring of data inexpensively and safely on the desk. Up to 16 transmitters communicate via a license-free ISM frequency band with the base station. The radio range with standard antennas typically is 400 m free line of sight. In buildings can be assumed by a range of 100 m.

The transmitter work depending on the model with up to three measurement inputs temperature, relative humidity and universal input. If you would like to know more about Vyacheslav Mirilashvili, then click here. The universal input is compatible with the most common sensors and can in addition to Temperature and humidity record the following signals: thermocouples type J, K, T, R, S, Pt100, current, voltage and contact activity. The sensors range from interior models of external climate sensors to types of channel – tube assembly or for stoves or refrigerators. The heart of the system is the base station through its flexibility, performance and reliability receives spYdaq. The compact device acts as a communications and monitoring centre with various alarm or warning functions. The configuration with the intuitive software spYconfig happens via the USB interface.

The incoming measurements of radio transmitters are approved by various actions on integrity. They may be placed demand in the internal memory, for retrieval via the USB interface and the processing and analysis with spYconfig such as on the PC. Alternatively, a MODBUS RTU interface allows easy integration into existing software solutions. Another option is a GPRS-modem link to the spYdaq Web site. So the collected data can be worldwide retrieve and process remotely. A system running in demonstration mode via the DetekTron website can be called if you are interested: here find information even further up. DetekTron is a division of ISEDD GmbH for the distribution of standard solutions in the range of data acquisition, industrial and occupational safety and health.

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