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What Is An Autoresponder?

What is the use an Autoresponder? The translation of the word Autoresponder, which is used in the language of the Internet and more specifically in marketing, would be: autoresponder, autoresponders, auto responders, and some other. It deals specifically with a system that allows us to send notes, messages, letters, answers, newsletters and more. Mainly answers. These are not programs that are installed on the PC, Los autoresponders do not work from a PC. These are installed on a server.

That may well be the server hosting that gives us, our website or can also be installed on another server. Being hosted on a server we have the possibility of permanent service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means that while our PC is off, we're out, rest, or recreation, but serves our autoresponder at all times and constantly to our prospects (potential customers). It is our untiring virtual assistant. BASIC FUNCTION. You know how to sell your products or services Internet, you need, besides the fundamental advertising your website, having your own list of subscribers (Hot List), with which you can be connected permanently to offer your new offers, your new products, your new services. And this list grows every day is the foundation of your business. We know that internet "capital" of business is information and a virtual business capital is your hot list, and to the extent that you know earn your trust, you can offer more and more things. HOW TO BUILD THESE LISTS AFFILIATE When someone enters your website, either by an advertisement, or a recommendation or whatever, usually arrives at your landing page "landing page" (this we will talk about in another article) then enter your site itself, there see what is offered, and may occur three things: 1) That certainly interested by what he saw and I write for more information or simply to subscribe to your newsletter to get your interesting items .

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