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Website Usability

If the main page of your site is not yet clearly what the company and that any problem site can and should do, visitors leave. If the navigation of the site complex and poorly understood, the visitors leave. If the information site is not clear to read and not respond to basic questions of visitors, they leave. There is no such visitors, who thoroughly studied 'reference guide to the site' or spend their time on development of its interface. In a network many other sites, so leave the site – the first wish, which appears to visitors when they run into difficulty. The main rule of e-commerce is this: if visitor can not find the goods, he can not possibly buy it.

Usability plays a role in every stage of site development. Assessment of quality of appearance and convenience to the user at every stage – just one reason I recommend to carry out multiple tests are fast and cheap. Here's how it looks: Before you start developing a new website design, conduct testing of the old design to identify in it the good things to keep or increase, and the bad moments that cause difficulty for users. If you do not work not on an intranet project, research design and possible sites of your competitors to get a cheap data on possible options for interfaces that have the same functions as your site. Carry out testing under real conditions, to assess how the user interface in an environment of his workplace.

Ask you know, to test the usability of your site. Create paper prototypes of one or more design options and test them on users. The less time you spend on an embodiment of one or different ideas, the better, because you still have to change the design of the test results. To practice the ideas that give better results in several tests. Gradually move from schematic design on paper to more length and detail on the computer. Conduct tests at every stage of change. Check the website design to meet the generally accepted rules of usability. Once you decide on the final option and implement it, was tested again. At the stage of implementation is always creeps minor bugs. Do not wait to test the design on users until the last moment. If you do, most serious errors detected during testing, will already be correct. Some of these errors can cause a complete change in the interface. The only way to get a quality custom interface – to begin testing at the outset of site development and continue to conduct testing at every stage.

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