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SoftConDev TEQtest quality assurance in individual programming uses software for automated tests come in the individual programming on the border, when setting up the testing takes too long. Also, only a man can judge logic and consistency in the input data. No software can this task so we do a test person. Only one person can tell many crucial questions, such as: results from the input are actually what was expected? Does the program according to what’s usually or intuitively expected? Manual tests are for testing the user interface. Here, including all controls of the user interface on their correct functioning must be tested. In-house tests and tests of the user must be carried parallel to progress in the development of the software. Quality assurance and quality management are the continuous control of all processes.

The questionnaires and tests are for in-house developer tests, for created in-house testing of technical requirements. Tests are to plan, create, distribute and analyze. A new series of tests is created, are the employees who perform the tests to inform. The test manager needs an overview of the status of the individual test series. The test management TEQtest provides this overview and provides the necessary tools for the planning, implementation and evaluation of the tests. Advantages over other created test plans are among others in the reduction of costs by the cons availability of test cases and test suites, in a better test monitoring by the output of the test results in ongoing testing and revision-proof archiving of test results. The Web-based solution allows flexible working, the multi user capability saves time by parallel testing with multiple testers. The quick adaptation of the test suite keeps pace with development. Once new tests were created and assigned to the testers, this will be informed by E-Mail about this.

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