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Practical advice for novice freelancers. Working as a freelancer or contractor as it is often referred to, is a significant step toward business and his own business. Those who decided start working as a freelancer, you may set obstacles to a successful career. As a former freelancer who has experience also as a freelance client, I know about these obstacles firsthand. In this article will be considered some of the subtleties and nuances of self-employment, knowledge of which would help avoid many problems. Let's start from the very beginning that this freelancing and how it originated? In medieval times, when knights roamed the land and fought on horseback, armed with a long pole with a tip, known as the spear, which in English is pronounced as "Lance", emerged the concept of free mercenaries – Freelancers (Free Lancers).

Today, for freelancers, usually include writers, copywriters, journalists, artists, designers, programmers, translators and many others. Freelancers are people who offer their services to employers without a contract or long-term commitment to them. They are paid hourly, daily, or as a whole, for the fulfillment of a certain amount of work. Of course, the conditions necessary for the development of freelancing may differ in each country, but at least two of them are mandatory. On the one hand, the desire of professionals in their field of activity, work independently and no one is dependent, on the other hand, the presence of customers, people interested in these services who are ready to pay for the work.

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