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Venezuelan Government

We made a great effort and sacrifice to conquer the competitiveness. But how to compete freely in the midst of the war of subsidies and other mechanisms of protectionism, which create a true commercial exclusion? We do not come here to complain, or, simply, to swell the chorus of recriminations. We know what our responsibilities are. We are doing our part, executing economic policies balanced, combating waste and corruption, giving priority to institutions for the good functioning of our economies. We have demonstrated political will to combat poverty and social imbalances.

We are doing that in Brazil with democracy and pluralism, without fundamentalisms, with caution and firmness. We are organizing our finances and restoring stability to grow in a sustainable way. But we know that organize and bring stability to our economy is not sufficient but necessary task. We need to forge a new paradigm of development that combine financial stability with economic growth and social justice. Today we want to grow with sustainable financing, distributing income and strengthening democracy. No theory, by more sophisticated as it is, can be indifferent to poverty and exclusion.

Looking at the contemporary history, especially in the periodis that followed the serious economic and social crisis, I see that development occurred from profound social reforms. These reforms incorporated into millions of men and women to the production, consumption and citizenship, and created a new and prolonged economic dynamism. It was thus in the United States from the 1930s. It was thus in the post-war Europe. In the last decade, Brazil and many developing countries made an effort required by prevailing economic strategies. But there was no significant progress in the fight against social exclusion. On the contrary, where fundamentalism reigned supreme was not reached the promised economic stability. Increased unemployment, hunger and misery. Our production systems not conquered corresponding spaces in international trade with our sacrifices. The lack of economic and social democracy threatened democracy as a whole. The Venezuelan Government our case must resize, act based on deeply rooted in poverty in the country where there are thousands of abandoned children, people who suffer from hunger, this is must seek alternatives that ensure employment, develop projects that exploited the agriculture, petroleum products, other forms of wealth the country has and incorporate a large mass of unemployed in order to condemn them to destitution, to violence, to their demise. It should the Government be more equitable distribution of wealth, more now that fate has brought you benefits with the increase of the oil prices and invest their income in developing more structures that favour health, education, housing and services improvements to what this committed the Government. That way the President, Lieutenant-Colonel Hugo Chavez, will make possible that the Bolivarian revolution is consolidated, to express with concrete facts that demonstrate that its objective, raison d ‘ etre is beneficial, especially against the have-nots. The administration of income must be within the priority necidades that the country demands that they are many and then see the possibility of collaboration with other fraternal countries, predominating over humanitarian aid to political interests. Chavez should know the opportunity provided by the destination and do their actions, their programs, really benefiting a village, country, that since some time ago should have become a great power. Every possibility of guarantee of food, work for the needy will be an action that the people will never forget.

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