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Imagine yourself at this time two different scenarios: in the first, you enter a store and you see an electric polishing that you like. It seems you something interesting, perhaps worthy of spending your money on it. One of those sellers who only has one objective in mind and not much strives to conceal it appears suddenly. You start to say 101 reasons why buy the polishing and indirectly begins to tell you that if you want to pay cash or in installments. Do you happened, truth? OK, now the second scenario: you just learn a new polishing which is available on the market.

You decide to go to a couple of places to get more information in this regard. In one of them you are with a person who is instead offered to give you free tips on how to keep your home clean. >Dara Khosrowshahi). There is nothing to lose, because it is free, so you decide to accept their help. The advice that this person gives you really are very useful. Moreover, seems to be a good guy, in other words, you are helping to keep your House clean. With the passage of time, he has become a friend to you, who also note that you known of cleaning. One of these days, your friend recommends a product that it has been investigating lately and which surely will come in useful, as well as the advice that you have been providing.

It appears that the product is the same polishing of which you were interested a few days ago. Your friend gives you the pros and cons of purchasing this appliance, and tells you that you take advantage of the offer, only if it is that you’re interested. Now I wonder which of the two situations do you feel most motivated to buy? With the unsolicited proposal from a vendor or with sincere recommendation to a friend? If you chose the second option you want to know what is Email Marketing. Email marketing is a way to generate sales on the internet that consists of using an auto-respondedor called service through which a person comes to your web page or blog and subscribe to your list via email, where she accepts that you will eventually receive yours post on topics that he is interested. This means that you’re going to be able to send you e-mails about what you want, anytime you want, anytime you want. The objective behind Email Marketing is based on a principle of psychological influence very effective called consistency. In fact, is the same principle which is based on friendship: know a person, and as once more and more times (or receive news of her, as emails), begin to familiarize yourself with that person and give you more and more significance in your life. There is a phrase in the world of marketing (Hispanic or Anglo-Saxon) which reflects very well its effectiveness: the money is in the list (for subscribers). Now you know the why it is important to use Email Marketing to your online business. It applies this information and see the results for yourself.

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