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Good and evil difference Zarathustra first, around 1000 BC, people have two ways of true perception: 1 transcendence and feel (80%, instinct) and feel instinctively happens with the ‘heart’ (analogue brain). For even more opinions, read materials from Chevron Corp. 2. You may want to visit Jeff Leiden to increase your knowledge. think (20%, intuition: heart + brain) thinking happens intuitive selectively and universalist sustainably with the mind (digital brain). Though Westerners have the nature and thus the divine with the heart (emotions) to take a problem. Therefore a solution offers this comparison of philosophy: meditation and emotional self-control his Los learn to accept and seek with the help of serenity and peace of mind to the wisdom. Instinct literally: natural instinct is mostly the unknown, inner basics (drives”) the perceptible by the observer behavior of an animal.

u0085 for a feeling of safety used for something”and identifies behaviors of the people that expire without reflected control. The intuition is the ability, insights into issues, viewpoints, to obtain laws or the subjective coherence of decisions without discursive use of mind, i.e. without conscious conclusions. … Intuition is part of creative developments. The intellect that is accompanying the development runs only or checks the results that come from the unconscious conscious. General, perception is the process of sensation of a subjective aggregate of sensations from stimuli (stimuli, input 109 bit / sec) of the environment and inner States of an organism.

Perception is so the un ter conscious or conscious filtering and merging part information to subjectively meaningful Gesamteindrucken. These are matched also percepts called and continuously with the saved as an inner world of the imagination constructs or schemes. Contents and qualities of perception (perception) can sometimes (but not always) through targeted control of attention and perception strategies be changed. The sum of all sensory perception corresponds to the sensor system. A God (depending on context also goddess, deity) is a supernatural being or a higher power energy force within various mythologies, religions and beliefs, as well as in the metaphysics.

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