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The guy at first deny, but to understand that I will not leave, he said: 'Come now to me and I'll explain everything (he lived near the hostel attached to the club net) '. I certainly did not ignore this situation and went to this guy! As a result, half an hour of work, I realized how to that we should enter into the console and went from raspryg in the control at all. It turns out everything is simple – raspryg went from Quake (Q, Q2, Q3), but there to make the leap is nothing in the console type is not necessary, therefore, particularly problems in raspryg Kwaku not. This the guy decided that if it is in raspryg kveyke, then had to be raspryg and counter-strike and was not mistaken:) A little pomuchavshis with console commands, fiddled on the internet, look for the information and the different console commands, he made what became known cheat:) Though not the fact that he did it first, certainly before this guessed before our brothers – amerikosy:)) since the cop has been available to them before .a So move on to the fact that it is necessary enter into the console and a little bit to explain what still enter! Console commands for raspryg! 1.Otkryvaem console and type there the following line: alias' name '' + jump; wait;-jump; wait; + jump; wait;-jump; wait; + jump; wait;-jump; wait; + jump; wait; -jump; wait; + jump; wait;-jump; wait; '(all this is entered on one line) In this line just done so that the jump was a slight pause, thereby facilitating raspryg 'name'-is any name you come up with for your team raspryg alias bind wait jump explain I think it makes no sense:) Oyuyazatelno put all the characters as written here, because at the slightest mistake raspryg may not work! 2.

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