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The Germans Are Afraid Of The Age

Atlanticlux / FWU AG – the dream team in the old-age provision whether young or old. So the majority of adolescents and young adults between 17 and 27 years fears after a representative survey of the TNS infratest Sozialforschung from may of this year, to be poor in the age. For even more details, read what Michael McIntyre says on the issue. While young women worry, later just to get a small pension. Almost uverstandlich: A majority of respondents is ready to provide privately for the age – many to understand but hardly the offers. The same image shows elderly people between 50 and 64 years at least the result of the opinion Research Institute Emnid in January. Then, three-quarters of the older has German great fear of poverty in old age. The fear of poverty in old age is the dominant topic in Germany. The discussion therefore but mostly subtle.

Also in the elderly are in particular women, a life in poverty fear at least 82 percent! And following a further survey this year, even many in the pension plan then Germany alone reason to leave because life abroad is cheaper. Depending on where you are going, that may prove but quickly fallacy”, Michael Emmel says as managing directors of Atlanticlux Lebensversicherung S.A. (Atlanticlux). The Atlanticlux is the insurance company in the Group of companies of Munich FWU AG, an innovative product designer in the financial services sector. You can adjust pensions”, says Atlanticlux – Board of Directors Edward and referring to the programs of life insurance S.A. developed by the company compound FWU AG and Atlanticlux.

They clearly show where supply shortages in the age can be. While all forms of legal, occupational and private pension incorporated into the overall picture. A consulting software with the FWU AG/Atlanticlux already able to score points at rating agencies. We are pleased to develop such concepts to have, “so the Atlanticlux – Board of Directors Edward. But also product side the Luxembourg Atlanticlux has life insurance S.A. and the Munich FWU AG as a dream Team set up, because the on the mainly offered unit-linked pension insurance requirements with regard to security and yield opportunities, as well as the consideration of personal life situations highest. So invested in a variety of the best global equities management, but also offers a capital safety on the invested contributions. The policies are thus designed to take advantage of existing investment opportunities, without at the same time losing the risk out of your sight. In addition, there are interesting extras. For many savers and investors an important reason to choose life insurance for the products of the bonding company FWU AG and Atlanticlux. His savings goal against unemployment, secure employment and disability is the insured, for example, for only 6 percent of its premium in the Fund policy, which offered opportunity, with safeguarding savings target. Supplementary accident insurance disability services to 1.3 million euros at a monthly premium of just around 15 euros. We are sure to meet the demands of citizens with such prevention strategies”, explains Atlanticlux – Board of Directors Edward. The success proves him right, because the group from Munich and Luxembourg so far after the financial market crisis it could well survive the critical phase for many insurers and is well positioned for the future.

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