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The truth is that the businesses by Internet, are still in diapers and its potential of growth is extraordinarily great. The Internet has given to beginning to a new global economy, where the borders disappear, you you can sell its products and services to everybody from a company of 50 meters square and to generate millionaire gains in spite of physically not knowing 99% of its clients. To sell by Internet requires little of personal and reduces until a 80% the production cost and operation. The main requirements to enter to the business by Internet are: intellectual, technological capital and a service that travels by the line or a product that can be given quickly in the main cities of the world. To obtain utilities by Internet is only a part of the benefit, the other benefit is the reduction of operative costs and production. One of the challenges is to offer cheaper products, when establishing one close coordination with the supplier and the distributor of the product. If you have an electronic product that the client can lower to his computer of immediate, the economic benefit for its company is exponentially greater.

Another challenge is to overcome the resistance of the public to buy in line, this land is still virgin, only a 15% of the people who enter Internet buy in line, and their great majority is people located in the main cities of the industrialized countries. When entering to the business in line, it concntrese in two aspects: Technology of Computer science (YOU) and personnel highly enabled. The business by Internet focuses in three areas: 1 – Process of electronic business, client-supplier: it consists of causing that the client overcomes his resistance and buys in line. The coordination with the supplier of the product and service so that its purchase more soon possible arrives to him at the client.

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