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Buenos Aires

It was attractive and cosy place, although Teresa continued saying that she did not want to leave her wanted Buenos Aires, nor to its children and grandsons. – He thinks about the wonderful thing that he is going to be to see us aging together borders of the sea and these wonderful and calm beaches said Daniel with dulzura while he tenderly watched it at the eyes Thinks about as you are going to enjoy to see run in them to your children and grandsons whenever they come to visitarte. You know well that the economic condition of anyone of us is not as good as to be able to give the luxury us to have this type of vacations frequently. It thinks when they are growing and helps us in the task of taking care of the bar, something that I am safe will enchant to them. Hopefully it could say the same of my grandsons. You cannot imaginarte whereupon taste would do position to me of them during a month while his father vacations like such are taken! You do not know what would give to see pursue them in the beach while they shout to me: Grandfathers, see with us the sea. That is not possible in my case but in yours if. You would not have to stop thinking about it.

You would not have to say to him that not to this opportunity that gives the life to you. Teresa saw the three so excited with an idea that had been born from the anything and that was living already it like a reality, that could not stop feeling to coil by this spirit. Little by little in a few hours, one went convincing that nor it would stop loving to her children and grandsons, nor they would forget their mother and grandmother because they were living to a few kilometers of distance. Daniel did not stop finding positive things in the change. And were accepting they them with naturalness.

When they went of Zapallar, they almost had closed the treatment with the owner of the bar. She only lacked that each sold its property to have the money sufficient to undertake the business, something that was very simple then at those moments, by a rare chance that Daniel never it would have considered like so, but as part than the destiny it had reserved to him, the real estate transaction was in height in Argentina. Thus it was as the life of the four began again, although no of them was less than fifty years old.

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