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Discord Liberty

| February 25, 2018

The dictionary says in them that to disagree nothing more it is that the act not to agree, of divergir. We can add that to descordar it is, also, the act not to combine, to be in different ratios, to untune when all are in the certain rhythm, to have an opinion it opposes. All […]

Time Goes Taking

| November 30, 2012

Today I passed for a in such a way marcante experience one. I passed the afternoon in a unit of ready hospital public attendance, when I was called to help one technician in radiology to help it to remove it one lady of the stretcher, to place it na radiological table. One lady with its […]

Waldez Ludwig

| August 27, 2012

To help them I go to count as the professional of? today? if it motivates. However it would like to detach before when I say professional of today, I mention myself to the professionals who are disputed by the great companies, whom success in its has proper business, and not it majority; therefore unhappyly the […]

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