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Joana Mother

| April 7, 2022

Unhappyly or happily, the determination of the new elections in the Tocantins took as base article 81 of the Federal Constitution, that foresees indirect elections (carried through for the National Congress) in case of avoidance of the president and the vice-president of the Republic in as the biennium of the mandate form with that this […]

Brazil: Parliamentary Immunity

| December 22, 2021

The scene Brazilian partisan politician is a carpet of esterco Who steals more intensely, and who envergonha more in the scene Brazilian politician, right or left? Both the parts steal with same (in) the allegiance. The exceptions restrict it very little almost invisible individuals in way to horda that it assaults the country guided for […]

Economic Diversification

| March 11, 2019

To keep the focus and to print a more intense rhythm in the initial phase of implantation in virtue of the existence of estruturantes projects that condition the execution of excessively throughout the transformation process. I contend projection of the year of 2006 until the year of 2025, the actions are divided, fitting how much […]

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