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Supplying it also, empartes, the frustration of not being mother, same because the others relacionamentosdela had always happened with experienced men. We can perceive this situaono I break up that it follows: ‘ ‘ … you sit down of my side and count quantoprecisa of somebody simply to pass the hand in its head, in those you diasem that people telephone and does not have nobody of the other side of the wire, you only rain to semparar! You until cry and if … feels much child ‘ ‘ (Idem, P. 60) But nor only of good life and joys that the personage of contovive, in it exists a certain frustration, demuitas the will to have a son, dream women: …

my eyes are full of tears, suffer excessively darling, mount of fear of blackout and of elevator, I load not to have had children comouma wounded private … ‘ ‘ (Ibidem, p.61) FINAL CONSIDERAES a woman who lived joys and loves, lead obtain fatode not to have generated a heir, not to have carried through one of the main feminine funesfsicas, that is exactly having what if it can call emancipation feminine dafigura, it still she continues imprisoned to the personal accomplishments as being umreflexo of the speech of the impositions of a patriarcal society. In this direction, it is observed that the total ‘ ‘ libertao’ ‘ on the woman it depends in majority to dodesprender, on the part of it, of the established criteria so that it is to umamulher ‘ ‘ realizada’ ‘ in its social conviviality. Of people confined only to the home the people who temacesso to the work market, of who had only duties and would have obeys orders of the husband, the improvements that had resulted in rights, as for example, the vote, right the divorce, the changes in the feminine scene had been summarized erpidas. However it has very despite to advance, with the sprouting of novaspossibilidades and potentialities, the woman has enxergado a world diferentedaquele of the beginning of the conquered century and with great difficulty spaces, nasreas conquests economic politics and, in special, the market of work have sidoassimilado of different forms how much to the social classroom, color, creed and race, tudoisso related to the new form that sees the women. REFERENCES? FIELDS, Maria Consuelo Cunha.Gnero.In: JOBIM, Jose Luis (org.) Words of the critical one.

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