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Pearl Earrings

Pearl Earrings have not least gained the girl with a Pearl Earring by the famous painting by Johannes Vermeer with the name awareness and popularity. The popularity of beads is not news, however. For many thousands of years, people of all nationalities, honor starting with Asia, ancient Rome, Egypt and even the native of Americans, these natural treasures. Beads are particularly so, because they are produced by a natural process and emerge in an organism. For example the Akoya grows up Pearl in shells, where growing mother of Pearl as a reflection of a foreign body. All over the world, there are an estimated 8000 shells, which have a double shell and of which only 20 in the location in a natural way to generate beads.

Although the natural pearls were highly appreciated and loved for years, one must consider that they are only in the rarest of cases for the manufacture of pearl earrings and pearl necklaces. The reason This is natural pearls only in the rarest cases are round, but are formed mostly uneven on the contrary. The fact that only a tiny number of beads in desirable colors and shapes is produced naturally can those who trade with beads rely not only on the nature, but artificial methods of pearl production considering pull. Financial services follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The Japanese Kokichi Mikimoto, who also patented this process in the year 1916 is the inventor of this type of pearl production. He succeeded during various attempts to stimulate the production of pearls by bringing an intruder into the shells.

Also this process does not guarantee that pearls will make any oysters, but the chances of success for this be increased enormously. The Pearl industry has benefited from this development significantly, as pearls this no longer remained a luxury goods. Pearl Earrings can now be purchased at affordable prices, which would not be possible, would be exclusively rely on the natural process. But the Pearl industry must conform to certain guidelines for the designation of beads to prevent a confusion of potential customers. So only those beads may be called “natural Pearl”, actually are matured without human intervention. “” They call those beads, bred as previously mentioned with the help of human activity to Pearl “or cultured pearl”. Again a different kind of beads is named “Button Pearl”, what so much means that the Pearl is characterized by a harmonious surface, but both natural as well as artificial way can be created. Japanese freshwater pearls are also called Biwa pearls”referred to, which refers to their occurrence in Lake Biwa. There are many other types of beads, among them, for example, the “Afar”, which is distinguished by its irregular shape. In addition to the various designations and types of beads it comes especially to their intended use, for example as pearl earrings or Pearl necklace, to, when it comes, you should decide what type of beads.

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