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Paula Young Lagos

From that fact my attitude against the school transfer to be itself a demanding client of the school, more than an obliging proxy, since my daughter insisted on finishing her colegiatura with the German nuns in spite of my displeasure. Memory with clarity that when the events of the gummed paper happened, many proxies of the same course even took party by the school, in an incomprehensible and little shared in common attitude.The other people’s damage is never own, which is surprising in schools of Christian values, but I did not take in explaining to me this one almost collective conduct, in which the German nuns granted a great amount of subsidies to many proxies, especially with the gratuity of the colegiatura, which reported to them to the monjitas to have unconditional followers, who until today are not able abrir the mouth to think on a fact affects that them directly and less to defend to the fallen Angel. When nowadays the proxies say that the school does not have any relation the congregation, that is a complete lie, the nuns is put in all the subjects of the school, does or attends classes, carries out pastoral work with the students, to make retirements inside and outside the school, they take a walk by the classrooms and they are present in all the activities that they are realised. With the years, every time the school remained with less nuns, many of dying them, lay in the monastery of Maip and to our it informed us daughter that tal o cual monjita had passed away they had taken because them to the funeral wake during the classes, thus, with the years, the congregation was reduced to 2 nuns majors: Paula Lagos and the ngela Sister and to the supposed niece of Paula Young Lagos and other two Monjitas, one of which does more of a year that I lost of view.

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