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Irish Free State

If they asked to him if somebody knows who has governed during tens of years you you will be able to appoint some kings or dictators. Nevertheless, it will not be easy to find him to that there is been 37 years in the power but submissive a system of multiin favor elections. However, there is a Latin American and a European whom such feat has obtained. One is a single person: Eamon de Valera, the son of a Cuban born in America in 1882 that of boy traveled to the Earth of its mother (Ireland) where it would be transformed into the main figure that has had this republic. Today 81 years ago it was the first Taoiseach (Irish prime minister). He inherited that position then in the 5 preceding anhos was the president of the executive of the Irish Free State and one stayed like Taoiseach until 1948 and soon in 1951-54 and 1957-59, soon to occupy the presidency until 1973, put in which he celebrated his 90 birthdays and that he left by oldness before dying in 1975. Before he was to premier and president of ephemeral the first Irish republic (1919-22). Today when the world much speech of which the USA just will have an Afro-American president and who a Hispanic could follow to him, is good for remembering that the elect person who more time has governed Europe was ethnically a Latin. Original author and source of the article.

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