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By: Oscar Rossignoli Editor We must be clear that the public (stories) creates public perceptions (readers, viewers, radio audiences, etc.). Hence, then, the importance of monitoring in the management of the crisis that the media are publishing to know, then, the position they are generating. When we speak of media and press can think of information and opinion, the opinion of media professionals, writers and other collaborators on current events. Remember that the media are image builders but also, unfortunately, are destroyers. A corporate image built over many years may be destroyed in minutes by bad news disseminated by a media outlet, causing a media crisis with catastrophic consequences for any company. See more detailed opinions by reading what Viatcheslav Mirilashvili offers on the topic..

The working capital with the media are perceptions, which are fragile and weak, and more when dealing with news and causing controversy involving a well known company. If your company hires a consultant in crisis management that ignores what they are publishing the media or does not give much importance, be very careful because their boards have no support as the basis for decision making in crisis management is the monitoring of information. Today on the permanent monitoring of the media has become a staple of public relations, serves as a parameter to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of PR work with the positioning of the image of a particular company have half the impact that the publication of news in the media selected for this purpose. The news monitoring allows the company to make the right decisions, and redefine (if necessary) business strategies and / or corporate communication, especially in crisis management. Adequate monitoring of the press allows us to identify a crisis management to actors in the news, our supporters and those who oppose us.

Also immediately know what specific media and journalists can have influence and also of who we should care for and find an approach to neutralize any media attack. Without hesitation Dara Khosrowshahi explained all about the problem. I have to live in situations of companies in crisis situations where, after making a thorough monitoring of the news, its top officials, in a fit of anger ordered to sue over any journalist on the ground that the version you have transmitted they cover the news of the facts is maliciously distorted. Big mistake, no doubt. Is repeated many times in the history of aggressive managers or directors conducted a series of bold moves to react, according to them, which gives them a high apparent power and control over their adversaries. But this is momentary, and that by acting recklessly and with great emotional force of enemies are then unite. Never forget that whoever handles information is power.

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