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Northern Ireland

From Saturday Scotland Yard it has stopped to 768 people by violent acts, disorders and sackings. Also there is a pair of arrested by to urge the violence from the social networks. And there will be more haltings, since the metropolitan Police has hung more photos in Flickr with the face of plunderers taken thanks to the monitoring cameras of the streets and those that they themselves hang in Twitter or Facebook. Cameron attributed the improvement of the situation in London to the greater number of agents in the street and said that the Police, needs if it, could resort to guns of water and rubber bullets to disperse the disturbances, something that in the United Kingdom had only been used until now in Northern Ireland. In London night of Monday was more violent, especially in districts of Croydon (South), where buildings burned as a store with carpets that worked from 1867, and Enfield (North), where a warehouse of Sony was burned. In Croydon, a man of 26 years underwent bullet wounds that caused the death to him, becoming the first mortal victim of this wave of disturbances.

Against the Police the street violence generally is directed against the carried out Police and by young people of around 20 years and until minors, as they demonstrate the photographies of suspects whom the Metropolitan Police of London disclosed. Before the alarm generated between the population, Cameron wanted to tranquilize to the British when assuring that the Executive will not allow that " a culture of miedo" it prevails in the United Kingdom. The present wave of street violence has shown " peor" and " mejor" of the United Kingdom, Cameron in reference to &quot declared; delincuentes" that those who cause and to have been united against her. The j of the Government, forced to shorten its summer rest to head the answer to the crisis, said that the country needed one " respuesta" to that " repugnante" violence wave and that from the Government is " responded with firmeza". Almost one week of violence the big wave of street vandalism began Saturday in the humble district of Tottenham, to the north of London, and acquired unexpected proportions in later days, as the own Cameron recognized, that said that the authorities confront " new reto". The detonating was a small pacific march of protest by the death of a young person to firings of the Police, day 4 of August, that has given rise to a succession of disturbances in all the country. That man, Mark Duggan, of 29 years, was in a taxi when he was reached about bullets of the Police in an event in which finally he has demonstrated that he never got to shoot a weapon. Source of the news: David Cameron promises to major " contundencia" in order to stop the street violence in the United Kingdom

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