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New Datalogic Gryphon

The use of bar-code scanners increases the productivity of every employee with comprehensive functions and model options represent the top range of data acquisition devices for universal use the scanner of the Datalogic Gryphon series. Learn more at this site: Paul Price. The Gryphon desk 2D plus scanner series have an advanced optics with improved ‘motion tolerance’, so that objects moving at high speed, can be provided with codes quickly and easily be read by the scanner. Thus, this is the ideal scanner for labour-intensive applications with high throughput as they are for example in the retail and light industrial. Due to its excellent performance and omnidirectional reading, the Gryphon D4X2 plus in a variety of applications increases productivity. It supports the most common symbologies, including 1 d 2D codes, postal codes, as well as stacked and mixed codes such as PDF417 and GS1 DatBar. In addition, the D4X2 plus the entire image of an object to be identified, regardless of its orientation, captured “which is why it lends itself to image-related” applications is, like for example the collection of signatures or documents. The Gryphon D432E, however, is particularly suitable for reading 2D codes with high resolution.

The models of the series Gryphon desk 2D plus are with the patented ‘ green spot’ equipment, which is why they are suitable especially for use in noisy environments. The targeting of the image is simple and intuitive. The control of the trigger button activates a red 5-point – aiming device, which mark the four corners and the center of the reading pane. For the cost-conscious environment in medical fields, for light industrial operations or offices in which you must read 1 d and 2D codes, the Gryphon D432 and D412 plus hand-held scanners are ideal to use. Due to the ergonomic design and high data throughput, the GRYPHON circumferentiallly are the ideal solution for the commercial, healthcare, for use in the postal service, authorities and in light industry, in the mostly 2D codes should be read.

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