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you use it to itself for these loving necessities, would compensate your body to you! Parsley:)) One does not forget to add it to you to your loving salads to give a new touch them. and with a nail and cinnamon pinch just a little bit, they will be of vice! Pistachio:)) Perhaps it is the secret there of because so expensive and it is so appreciated by the people. Mzclalo in a plate next to the hazelnuts and figs and preprate so it comes. certainly me the agradeceras; , Rosemary:)) Together with the mint it is a good preparatory tonic stops after having dinner. And if you breathe well nothing can make difficult your moment of happiness! Truffle:)) Another expensive but quite effective food. although useful or nonserious funny to use them at moments of passion! Salvia:)) This plant could not lack in any garden of old Greece and of her it was said that it gave eternal life, but believes that its true utility was not indeed the longevity.

for the women it is a hormonal regulator, and for the boys it distributes the corporal heat they need where it I believe that he is very useful! Artichoke:)) It does not have a great effect, but to stay in form if you are constant to the diurtica being you will have a wonderful line and that also counts at the magical moment for some people; Banana:)) It will replenish forces to us to try it again, so they ten by hand. it has much potassium, and certainly your companion you the agradesera! Date:)) Another sacred fruit for the Moors. The security of its effect is total, you do not put it in doubt. in addition they are riquisimos say that you must eat 7 to the day at least so that you are strong like a bull! Pollen:)) One of best the aphrodisiac ones, but takes in doing effect at least five days, so it plans your in time you send of love.

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