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Library Management

Many in the course of their work in Photoshop when faced with the same image many times must repeat the same figure or circle outline specific image at equal distances. Here to help us come to hand. Create a brush in Photoshop is not difficult, firstly we need prepare the image. The ideal option would be if it is black and white (with shades of gray will be semi-transparent brush), or strongly contrasting. Next go to the Edit menu and click DEFINE BRUSH, give it its name, click YES. All our brush ready for use. Once you've created a Photoshop brush appears regular desire to keep it Fail separate, so it is not lost when you reinstall the program or to share it with friends, and often now that the house appears on 2 computers, and the second is also necessary to move this hand … To do this in Photoshop go to the Edit menu – set management (sometimes called the Library Management), select SET TYPE – BRUSH, click on the icon that represents the brush you want to save and click Save.

If you want to combined into a set of multiple brushes, choosing first, click on the first, then click on SHIFT, and hold it to the last brush. All others stand between them automatically. Then, just as SAVE. Select a folder Enter a title and then save again. As a result, you will receive a Fail resolution abr, who has kept a set of brushes.

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