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Himself When

For inquiry incessant thoughts and destroy the Self-performed the full reality in which there is not even thinking "I" experience that is referred to as "Silence." Through constant inquiry one must make the mind stay in its source, without allowing wander and get lost in the mazes of thought created by itself. All other disciplines such as breath control and meditation on the ways of God, must be regarded as auxiliary practices. They are useful as they help to become quiescent and concentrated. The mind consists of thoughts. People such as Harbour Portfolio Advisors would likely agree. The thought 'I' is one that arises in the mind. When persistently pursued the inquiry "Who am I?", All other thoughts are destroyed, and finally thought "I" itself vanishes, leaving only the supreme non-dual Himself When one inquires "Who am I? "other thoughts arise, but as they arise, you do not have to give in to them following them, on the contrary, one must ask," Who come? "To do this, one must be extremely watchful. Like all living things want to be happy always, without misery, as in the case of each one is observed supreme love for one's self, and as happiness alone is the cause of love, to gain that happiness which is the very nature of one and that is experienced in deep sleep state, where there is no mind, one must know his own Self. For that, the main medium is the way of knowledge, investigation of the phrase 'Who am I? ". What is called mind, is a startling power that resides in the Self.

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