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Compact expertise in free downloads packed annoying for dentists and dental technicians: This is especially when you actually only go wanted to look in the dental practice, as it was with the fixed subsidies or what information advising patient with periodontitis are important. As the quick look at the search engine is sometimes a lengthy Sleuth action”, especially when dentists on very specific questions looking for answers. Compact aggregated content would be the rescue here”. Therefore are free downloads available, which deal with specific content on the Internet pages of the Spitta publishing house ( The current topics appear at the foot of each page and the individual files can be selected and downloaded with just a few clicks. Content self-contained documents (PDF) with a compact, current knowledge and practical tips of the user can on his PC save, print and distribute, for example, in practice below the staff. Currently answered a document the 100 frequently asked questions about the Festival grants”, another offers 11 helpful examples to the Festival grants”. But not only the payroll, but also other aspects which are important in the dental practice, will also be addressed.

“The info package insurance for dentists” pointed out what they need to know when a police. A fourth download includes information and many pictures for the periodontitis patient advice. Also dental technicians not to come short in offering. You will find three downloads, specifically dealing with the settlement of dental services, a complete patient or key points that should know the lab about the immediate implant placement, on and on. The posts exchanged from time to time, so that dealt with various themes and the user can download new information with articles, checklists and overviews compressed on a few pages.

About the Spitta Publishing House as Albert Spitta 1972 still in addition to his practice an index card developed especially for dental surgeries, he laid the foundation stone for the very successful Spitta publishing house with the first and very popular product. Since then, the Spitta publishing house the current needs of a dental practice developed new, customized products. Also literature, billing support, software, magazines and online points include the daily used organisational tool. In addition, various forms of training help the dentist to stay always up to date. In addition to, where dental information and a large shop, Spitta operates one of the largest dental image database on the Internet with. Also the dental products online comparison as well as the online media store for the dental industry belong to the publishing house, the magazine portals,,,, and the billing Portal and. Ramona Volkl

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