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Helmut Kiener

At this stage, it is easy terribly difficult profitable management to operate. Especially with the old practices, it is more and more impossible to meet the expectations of investors. You can see it in the fund industry, in the significant increase in the number of Fund closings and fund mergers. For assistance, try visiting Jonah Bloom. To give the industry more efficient, fund fees should be now reduced and increasingly focuses on the core competencies of the investment departments. Product provider bow to the pressure, and a big step towards the investors. They now increasingly shift their portfolios in two very different areas. Now more are allocated in passively invested assets. To achieve a greater added value, the portfolio is supplemented with very active trading strategies or even products from vendors that specialize in specific niches (such as E.g.

fund boutiques). Investors in particular in the form of managed accounts will find this specialization. Intelligent trading systems that were designed in part for individual markets, offer an ideal way to optimize a portfolio. It is not only this special knowledge, that many managed account distinguishes provider, but also the way how it will be offered to investors. Safety from five points of great importance, which made a decision for or against an investment result are an investor perspective. After the fraud by Bernard Madoff or even Helmut Kiener (K1), that have literally rocked the fund industry, the security of money laid out for investors is ranked now certainly at the top.

Managed accounts can await you here in addition to the deposit insurance with the fact, that created funds in an account set up specifically on the name of the investor with a broker are managed. Deposits and withdrawals are reserved exclusively for the customer. If the customer chooses the investment strategy together with the asset so that the customer shall bear only the risk of price fluctuations, which brings the selected strategy.

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