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The advantages of a direct bank are for the most part, monetary Art. Disadvantages in the convenience depending on the customer setting the disadvantages depending on the viewing angle and adjustment refer to the convenience of banking. Customers can do their banking on the desk and in addition, use the online banking at a branch. Whether to the staff at the desk online banking by the at home is also a question of age is certainly a matter of taste. The proportion of direct banking drops quickly rapidly with age. The low market shares are this age group older persons also on the generally low number of Internet participants. More frequently reported “Thefts in online banking”. In most cases, bank customers are (and whether a branch or direct bank) victim of Internet criminals by their own fault.

Customers tell your access data by E-mail criminals despite years of warnings by police and the media remains partly in sure way, because this xy type for employees of the Bank. New security systems push even this kind of Fraud a tie before. Some direct banks, I get sent a TAN SMS for each transaction on his cell phone and can once again check the recipient data in the text message. Allowing the security issues with a direct Bank actually no longer apply as a disadvantage. But at least some rules in dealing with his access data must be followed. Pay in cash at a bank a certainly big disadvantage is the difficult way to deposit cash. Hardly a direct Bank indicates this disadvantage in their ads or on their websites.

Often can be found after a long search no answer to the question about the possibility of cash deposit at a bank. Generally, it is always possible to deposit money into his online account through a third-party Bank, however charges apply for this “cash deposit on a foreign account”. These fees vary depending on the Bank or savings bank between about 3 and 8. More frequent cash deposits as the main financial advantage dissolves a direct bank quickly again. There are however some direct banks such as the Comdirekt or the Norisbank, which customers in the Group muettern Commerzbank or Deutsche Bank can deposit money free. These two direct banks offset a huge disadvantage “Species” so through the use of the infrastructure of the parent companies. Who can benefit (k) whether you would like to become a customer of a direct bank, a direct bank is probably mostly a matter of taste. Who does not have Internet access or wishing to no online banking can and should open an checking account with a direct bank. People need more often to make cash deposits when the choice of direct bank is sure that the free deposit possibility, otherwise here quickly high monthly costs, which completely consume the savings. People with Internet access, with a very low in the past frequency of visit their bank can save money with a change to a direct Bank and will miss hardly anything. Customers, the undecided can open a free account with a direct Bank and test the functions alone. The services and the service do not convince the account can be easily connected or used as a free second account for emergencies.

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