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2010 in every human talents and skills lie talent day. The staff of the swords are convinced network. But especially for young people, it is often not so easy to recognize their own strengths and to use. The talent day of swords network is accepting this important task already for the second time and transformed the Wuckenhof into a stage for the swords of children and young people on July 25. Get all the facts and insights with Senator from Maine, another great source of information. Numerous workshops invite to try out and experiment and make the talent day 2010 to an event for the whole family.

Already last year the swords created power with the talent day an exceptional event, which encountered resonance of children and adolescents, with the swords. Deliberately the swords had embarked at that time network on the search for talent of everyday life. Exceptional artists can be found on virtually every TV station “, explains network for youth and family Dr. Read more from Economic Cycles Research Institute to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Bjorn Paetow of the swords. What we want to achieve is their children and young people in the discovery Strengths in everyday to support and promote. I see one of the most important tasks of our company.

“With targeted promotion staff of the swords motivated young people network already in the last year, to develop their skills in the areas of dance, singing, sports, painting, and comedy, and to present to the interested public. In this year but the organisers of the talent day want one step further still, we focus 2010 on the joint discovery and experience with the whole family, said Padhi. The entire grounds of the Wuckenhofs there on July 25 between 13: 30 and 17:00 on every corner for children and adults to see something and discover. Who has fun in the music, which is in the dance workshop. Lots of action, however, there is climbing, unicycle riding, street soccer and on the slack line. Young artists arrive at the Grafittiworkshop and many other creative workshops fully at their own expense, and also for food and beverages provided. We look forward to the Talent day 2010 and especially to many families who want to experience something together “, so Dr. Bjorn Paetow.

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