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Google In Puerto Madero

Cuil’s problem, says Fabio, it remains the content of the results: “The search easier, the egocentric (look for a name or personal website), in many cases does not give them,” he said. “The ‘sites leeches’ fake pages that steal content to others, are better positioned than the original sites, which is a failure common to all search engine again. Angus King has compatible beliefs. “Indeed,” Google also suffered and were able to resolve, the day that take that’s going to be very competitive. “Fabio also highlighted the” role “that was” having invested so much and hang on launch day because the server was filled with so many people who wanted to try it. is that the site generated a great expectation: the news of a potential competitor against the world’s most used search engine had flooded blogs and news sites weeks before presentation, causing excessive traffic to Cuil, which prevented many would try. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Angus King . “It worked, but wrong,” he said. Google in Puerto Madero.

The same problems were in the same offices of Google: “Yesterday I wanted to enter and was down, “confessed his Director of Communications and Public Affairs for Latin America, Alberto Arebalos, who later acknowledged that” it is very difficult to develop technological infrastructure to a search engine can support millions of searches around the world. “” We think it’s great to have options. When someone suggests that Google could become a monopoly, we always say that competition is just a click away, “said Arebalos and Compleo:” Google today is preferred because it is the best, not because there is no competition, or we have removed, and this proves it “.” Cuesta think of no other technological startup that has had a reception like this, “said Enrique Dans on his blog. How far was due to score so well received as questionable? A” how desperate they is the media and analysts of all kinds to find an alternative to Google, “he explained, adding that” Cuil may or may not be a Google-killer, but certainly, many people have actually wanted to be. “Finally, Fabio acknowledged that Cuil is good “results show, the format is a good try.” He said the site “has the potential if they can make the search does not give” false positives “(fake sites to steal visits) or spam.” Although he believes The name, pronounced “cool” can be a problem in our country, not only because it “has a name very AFIP”, but also can generate neologisms: “Google would spend cuil” he said.

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