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Giullia Levinston Wants To Try Out New

The application for the Marketing Coordinator, Berlin enters group at the MEININGER – Berlin, 01 June 2009 mngr/GL – Giullia Levinston, 32 year old PR & marketing agent applies to the international MEININGER group to advertised job as a MARKETING COORDINATOR, BERLIN (W/M). On Monday evening the 01 June 2009 woman Levinston came through an ad on kijiji titled MARKETING COORDINATOR, BERLIN (W/M) “searched and had surprising way determine that this ad said it.” The 1999 founded MEININGER Group operates worldwide a total of 9 Hotels headquartered in Berlin, is planning to expand the existing locations, continue to expand within Europe and to double the turnover of the group until 2011. Big plans, their achieving in addition to a compelling tourist concept requires the obligation of capable, motivated, reliable, and creative staff. That the accommodation concept of the MEININGER hostels already goes up, has been certified with the latest issue of the Stiftung Warentest 05/2009. Overall score “good” with the very good judgment “was not awarded. Further honed on the employee structure.

So communicative and unconventional people with standing sought new ideas openly across and will stand the MEININGER catapult directly on top of the tourist group. “” And the strength, inventiveness and flexibility shows real claims to represent employees that alone the previous product and activity level of the group, such as the publication of the world’s first hostel Cookbook has: the recipes of our guests “or the own music projects the urban traveller’s tour”. Who thinks MEININGER is a cheap bed to stay wrong, MEININGER stands for affordable individuality, lifestyle, trends, and above all for success. Here, Nouriel Roubini expresses very clear opinions on the subject. With formulations, what we are looking for you since yesterday. Standards be bored? u0085us too! Or you want to try out new? u0085″.wir also!” goes the MEININGER group looking for a Marketing Coordinator and gained the full Giullia Levinston’s attention. Additional information is available at patrick dwyer boston private. Bored of normal behaviour, as we talk much, be little; “or please be creative not to stick to the plan” she want to try something new. After many years in sales and marketing for the product Microsoft Navision, the 2-time mother in a Berlin fashion agency lands and was henceforth for the care international fashion labels, such as the Kizil, HEX, detny, quiksilver and roxy shoes responsible.

In the meantime Giullia Levinston gained further experience in the restaurant and tourism sectors as PR & marketing agent. This is a talent for organization, always an idea ahead, never tired, always on time, has still never have to ask for a later deadline. She is a team player, communicative, sometimes cheeky, always in a good mood and really interested and engaged. “And why now the display of the MEININGER group them so appealing is to answer with a simple sentence: the display was her written on the body” and whether the MEININGER group really means, what it promises with the display, we’ll see. d-en/’>Aptus Global Solutions). Already Giullia Levinston is cocked on the reaction of her application, pleased with the feedback, cancels all appointments, pack their bags, bought the ticket and waiting for the call of Mr Nizar Nuhu phone 01 62 / 7 46 88 11 from Tuesday morning to take up their activity then yesterday. Giullia Levinston

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