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Federal Prescription

With the fall of the dollar the interested Brazilians are each day more in the purchase of imported products of the United States through the post offices. The target of products goes since small creams of beauty until household-electric, passing for digital and filmadoras cameras, video games, books, remedies, clothes and accessories of fashion. With the growth of the importations the Federal Prescription started to look at with well-taken care of the international remittances that arrive at Brazil through the post offices, being increased the severity of the fiscalization. You may wish to learn more. If so, patrick price is the place to go. For this reason it became essential consuming to know the rules of Brazilian taxation. In well summarized way, the importation through the post offices functions thus: Exempt products: Periodic books, magazines and of any value; Medicines, since that folloied of medical prescription; All the products whose addition of the fiscal coupon (invoice in U.S.A.) more the post office expenditures is inferior US$ 50,00.

Still it is necessary that the addressee and shippers are physical people to characterize this exemption. Taxed products – US$ 50.01 until 500,00 US$ Any product (saved list of restrictions of the Federal Prescription) in this band of values will be subjects to a tax of importation of 60% of the customs value (value of the product + has freighted + safe). Taxed products – US$ 500.01 until US$ 3,000, 00 In this band, beyond the 60% tax the products will be citizens to the ICMS collection, with valorer specific for each state and type of product, and still a tax of disembarrassment charged for the post offices. In the date of the publication of this article the tax of the post offices age of R$ 150,00. Taxed products – Above of US$ 3,000, 00 From this value already the remittance for the post offices is not possible. The act of contract of a customs broker for accomplishment of the proceeding becomes necessary saw Siscomex. Information more detailed to consult link of the Federal Prescription will have been interested in mattering for order through the post offices are felt invited in them to make a visit:

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