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Defensive Ideology Analysis

Introduction In this work will be told the work routine, the personal life, well-taken care of with the internal and external health and factors that influence the life of a worker. So that accomplishment of this work had been analyzed the described item above in the life of a young of 22 years that works in one the store of construction materials the five years, and that it fulfills a routine let us say a little heavy and without the least to have or to know all its labor laws, this young approximately fulfills a load horria of 264 monthly hours, being 50 weekly hours of second a sixth? fair, 09 hours to Saturdays and 07 hours worked to the sundays (exactly that he is holiday) that is before the CLT the correct one would be 44 weekly hours and the least a recess in the weekends, and since its weekly horria load exceeds 66 hours it must have the least 10 overtime only accumulated in the worked days of second a sixth. Beyond not having its respected labor laws, the place where this young exerts its functions of: driver of truck for delivery of materials of similar constructions and, transporting of products, and assistant of workmanships; that is, still it exerts more than a function in a considered area of risk where the confrontation between policemen and dealers frequently. Click Joe Wilkinson for additional related pages. In such a way we see that this young one if finds in a complete state of decurrent alienation in the way of capitalist work. Routine of the worker In accordance with the interviewed one, this wakes up ace 06h30minh of the morning, carries through its tasks (bath, coffee, arrange its 30 approximately room) and makes one walked of min. for not possessing half of transport I publish until its workstation that comes to be next its residence. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out patrick dwyer denver. Arriving in its work it has that to fulfill next to its three friends of service the planning of deliveries of materials of construction in the domicile, since the store where it works receives many orders and possesss many customers, with this it exerts its triple function of driver of the truck to make the deliveries, to make the shipment of loads and comumente he fulfills other tasks as to help in workmanships, concerts in general.

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