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Cultural Geography

However, it is possible, currently, to think about Cultural Geography as the ramification of the Geography that considers, in its object of study, the idealizaes of a people or group in one determined space in accordance with the lived experiences. It, as she disciplines, has a field of sufficiently including study that goes since the object analysis of the daily one, representations of the nature in the art and in films until studies of the meaning of landscapes and the social construction of identities based on places, at last, it has covered numerous questions, (Mcdowell, 1996). The religious aspects that involve the beliefs of one definitive people, practical and the customs in regards to alimentary clothes and habits, economic activities developed in determined place, among others each group culture of or society is related with that is acquired of generation in generation or even though captured through the comment of distinct groups. The festive commemorations also can if considered as a characteristic of the culture of a people or even though of all the peoples as it is the case of the celebration of the Christmas, that if deals with a celebrated Christian party in the five continents of the planet. These celebrations are full of inherent meanings and symbols to the culture of each people, of each region. these meanings are transferred of parents to children and children to grandsons consecutively, occurring, however, in this process of transference some changes of values, for not being about something invariant, but passvel of modifications and capable to add and to disaggregate values to each generation. E, is concerning ' ' Festa' ' more especificadamente on the natalinas festividades, that we consider in them to argue in this study, however with speaking of the natalina party without the least leaning over in them exactly, that quickly, in what it comes to be the Party in its real direction. . Continue to learn more with: Dara Khosrowshahi .

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