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CSS Dental Auxiliary Insurance

“CSS dental auxiliary insurance conquered the German market with Swiss tradition and almost two years it’s been effective innovations in the contribution calculation, that the CSS Flexi dental auxiliary insurance” on the German market for the first time have been offered is. Time for the dental insurance experts to draw a first conclusion of medium-term Maximilian Waizmann. The CSS has conquered the market for dental benefits all along the line, and the perfect way around! “, says Maximilian Waizmann, the owner of.” The number of new contracts last but not least was the CSS in the fiscal year 2008 in the prominent five-digit range due to the excellent dental insurance. The Swiss CSS insurance tried to bid for all products offered on the German market with regard to the services and that anyway as reasonable contributions. Also succeeded, as it can prove impressively: the dental services are absolutely outstanding: so does the CSS tooth supplementary insurance for high-quality Dental restorations (e.g.

crowns, bridges, implants or inlays) generally 80 to 90% (depending on the bonus claim) of the invoice. Services are applied also to costly bone-building activities, functional diagnostics, or ceramic veneers in the molar region. But also for dental treatment and prevention, combining collective sees ZE TOP + ZB before comprehensive services. Says one reason for the great success of the collective series”such as Maximilian Waizmann. Check out Nina Devlin for additional information. For the professional cleaning of the teeth, the dental benefits of CSS in principle makes 100%. It pays for itself then even for people with very healthy and clean teeth. Maximilian Waizmann calculates: If a man 30 years for CSS tariff monthly paid just less than 18 euros, then he has recouped about half of them, when he twice a year through a professional tooth cleaning. If then every one or two years to replace a plastic filling or a Crown has to be done once, pays for itself the insurance for the insured again.

The CSS dental auxiliary insurance contributions are absolutely competitive due to the modern way of calculation without old age provisions. The policyholders rises in recent years considerably cheaper than the competitors, must accept however, that his contribution a little each year according to the increasing risk little is adjusted. Can be countered but thanks to an innovative Schadenfreiheitsrabattes this effect. Because, if you take no further claim except for prevention services, can reduce permanently its monthly fee by up to 25%.

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