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Creativity Conflict

As for the pertaining to school environment, the necessary manager to have clarity of that its team is not composed only for the pupils, professors and employees of the institution. The group is also formed by the parents and community of entorno. Thus, it is essential that the leader if relates well and obtains to interact with individuals of different opinions, since the conflicts will be inevitable, after all, the interaction and the communication between the people is, without a doubt, essential so that the results and solutions are reached, however, this diversity to know and opinions can provoke discords. It fits here to stand out that, even so the conflict is understood as a negative situation inside of the companies, according to its nature and, if explored well for the leader, can assume a good or bad role.

The conflict can be important, for example, when it awakes the autocrtica and the creativity of the people, since the disagreement of ideas enriches the quarrels in the search for the objectives. However, this discord can be harmful to the organization when the focus it leaves of being the development, the search of improvements for the resolution of the activities and starts to be a personal dispute, a competition to verify who is optimum. In this direction, one of the biggest errors that a manager can commit is to ignore the existences of these conflicts, as well as, to take any attitude precipitated without before investigating the facts, the behaviors, the performances and the description of the involved people. In the current context, the managers still have an important performance as for the ethical questions in the work and to the professional siege, since some attitudes can reduce the situations of violence in the work and prevent that this type of siege happens. Amongst them we can detach: the accomplishment of internal rules between the group; to establish an adequate canal of communication, thus preventing, fofocas and falaes for the corridors and, above all, to have as estimated of management the respect for the people, recognizing the effort and the persistence of each employee of the organization.

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