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Canada Gold Trust Gold Security Portfolio

The price for the coveted metal tends to currently just under $ 1400 per Troy ounce of gold. “Constance, 03.06.2013 – and while many large investors the time probably very temporary hype to make exchanges with want and therefore shut down their gold content, currently of many private investors around the world fill their deposits as also the Gold reporter” writes (link). The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) reported in a recent issue, that Degussa gold dealers had twice as high demand in may as in the already good first quarter. “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung writes: In April bought three times more people than other gold coins, the U.S. Mint”. And who hopes to be able to buy the coveted Krugerrand, must have already back, because the South African Mint takes no orders currently. “So it is not surprising that the magazine Fonds Professionell Swiss investment guru Marc Faber”, the magazine quoted: I buy every month Gold and I buy more of them.” Currently Faber last but not least is the gold price only in a technical break because of the strong stock market”. He describes the actors as a momentum player”, running behind the, what rises and sell what goes down.

Interesting evidence comes also from the Stuttgart stock exchange, working out in a very readable article (link), that gold can bring stability to a portfolio, although the price of gold fluctuates. Just the largely independent of economic cycles unless, that constitutes the value. Quote: The United States and the Federal Republic of Germany central banks hold about three-quarters of its foreign currency reserves in gold. (…) In the past year alone banks no longer bought 534,6 tonnes of gold as much as 50 years worldwide”. Almost already pathetic the stock market highlights Stuttgart: in addition it appreciated everywhere for thousands of people on the world and has kept all this time his value… “.” Interesting findings and also in front of the Background to question, as many analysts who see global stock quotes in the case, central banks should their cheap money”back.

The offers of the fund company Canada show that there are more interesting ways, to participate at the beginning of the value chain of the valuable precious metal gold trust. The company aims to open up with similarly experienced partners before local gold mining areas, and to generate profits by selling gold. The refinancing is done by private investors who achieve high payouts in case of success.

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