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Baptistery Of Pisa

Baptistery of Pisa was built in 1153 on the draft Diotisalvi. This is a fine example of Roman-Pisa style, which originated in the city at the turn of the 11/12 centuries, in those years when the Republic of Pisa was one of the most powerful forces in the Mediterranean Sea. This style was unique and was the subject of further repetition of the whole of Italy and far beyond. Style, to actively influence the architecture of the Renaissance period. Nothing does not arise out of emptiness. And the Roman-style of Pisa has absorbed elements of the more ancient Lombard-style, classical Greek, Romanesque, Byzantine, and finally, Islam, with which the Republic of Pisa fought for, and so quite often did come in contact. Baptistery – the first, he sees a tourist, getting in the old part of town, and it charms the correct form and surprisingly harmonious proportions.

However, this was not the Baptistery immediately. Diotisalvi initially built only a drum, which was covered with a typical Byzantine dome. And only about a hundred years later the founder of the dynasty Pisano Nicola Pisano – one of the most well-known in the art of Italy, "Enclosed" drum elegant loggia, which he also graced the magnificent ensemble of sculptures. And inside the Baptistery of St. Nicholas made his famous chair, which was subsequently repeated in many other cities of Tuscany.

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