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Adaptable Organization

They can boycott it, place it in the black list, obstruct its mailbox, demand that its supplier of Internet registers a complaint against you, or simply to say badly of you for hundreds or same thousand of consumers (the word travels fast in the Internet). The damage that can be caused to its mark and its company is enormous. One remembers of that it is almost impossible to alavancar sales with the use of a listing generated without express authorization. When you return to interrupt strangers, are extremely improbable that she obtains to make the consumers to initiate a dialogue with you (GODIN, 2000, p.140). 3 MARKETING ENVIRONMENT 3,1 Marketing in the Internet ' ' Many companies try to optimize its interactions with the customers in web and other electronic canals, the example of as they had made with its call centers' ' (CARDOSO and SON, 2001, p.124). The Internet possesss characteristics that could be used for the marketing for the reach of the excellency in the services.

As Cardoso and Filho (2001), the Internet possesss four basic characteristics: Multidimenso? safe use of the Internet can be of one for one, one for many, or many for many. The communication of one for one in the Internet is one accuses of the quality of its force of communication. Another media does not exist by means of which many can use so individually; Multipurpose? the force of the Internet to generate services to the customers of high quality and minimum cost, surpasses the traditional ways. The Internet can authorize profits of creativity and productivity, stimulating it discusses it of information and contribution between consumers, suppliers, salesmen and employees with the organization; Multidisciplina? acknowledgment so that initiatives require teamses with strategical capacities of marketing, techniques, graphical, communicative drawings, publication and operation. The challenges of aggregation, administration and reinforcement of the teamses are enormous; Adaptable Organization? in this territory, the winners are will be hybrid organizations, that will go to create, to explore and to manage change, looking for the rocking between processes and creativity; between quality orders and the thought of the software industry? that if adapta dynamically with the time.

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