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Up to a few years ago, never had worried me too which meant having not studied English in an effective way. That language had not made me need to carry out my work mode that was not a concern in my life. A related site: Henry Cornell mentions similar findings. When the English began to proliferate with international trade and the opening of Spain to the rest of the world, this language began to settle as a key aspect in many aspects of our life, especially in the workplace. The labour market was suffering a change that is more oriented towards communication between countries and English was becoming a prerequisite when it comes to access to a job or keep the same. Soon appeared the graduates, that they had a great potential that added advantage to speak English.

I, far from staying at the tail of the progress, asked my employer to consider the idea of facilitate training in English to those employees that we had not had the opportunity to learn the language beforehand or, at least, provide us a period in order to train us in this and put us on the same level as the new. Since then, the company knew the needs both of employees as their own and provided us with some English courses. London was the city where we carry them out, because it’s a perfect place for the business environment. Thus, we perform various general courses and specific (business English) and kept our job according to the needs of the moment. Renew you, do not stay behind.

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