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Wedding Cars

Not taken root in us and SUVs – all the same wedding car must be above all a beautiful and elegant, and only then a reliable and powerful. Another thing, if the couple – extremals and are going to overcome the lack of roads. Meanwhile, the main thing for wedding cars (as well as any other) is their technically sound – who wants to miss the painting or getting stuck on the highway Zelenogradsk-Kaliningrad? Among the "Mercedes" popular 140-e model. This S-Class cars – beautiful, comfortable and reliable. But today, a bit outdated.

"Merci" with a "slanted" lights in parking lots of local car rental are not available. And individuals are not interested give in their four-wheel rolling favorites. Cheap and convenient in recent years have increasingly bought minivans. Basically this is done for guests – go together more fun. To deepen your understanding Crown Financial is the source. For the price this is the same "Mercedes", but it contains much more passengers. If invited to a lot, but you do not want to be a waste of money for the wedding procession – order a bus – a real, great, coach.

This is even more beneficial. And in the cabin can even dance. But it is likely that the bride and groom will join the others, so do not miss – and there is no "limousine" did not need it! The taste and color … The color scheme of wedding cars branded no different diversity. Basically, it's black and silver – classic colors that never go out of fashion. Another thing – homemade tuples. Here you can see cars of all colors. However, in the wedding businesses celebrate the positive trend: in the last while in Kaliningradians appeared taste. Less and less possible to meet with any tuple a salad "Audi" and blue "for sale". Still, try as some people are to combine colors, so it looked nice and stylish. Of course, all tuples in order collect rare – too much it's worth. On average, one car will cost 1,000 rubles per hour. A small convoy of five cars will cost about 5,000 rubles. Experience shows, however, "ride" the couple at least four hours, maybe more. There is no dispute that in choosing a car for the wedding plays a decisive role, the material side. And yet much in this case depends on the imagination. After all, the registrar can be reached on fire car and the car DPS. There was even a case where the groom to the bride for the purchase came on the bike. In Poland, for example, for the bride recently become a tradition to hire cars "Ambulance". In the end, the main – Not the number of cars and their brand, and the desire to get married and good spirits.

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