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Directory for Web applications and software as a service applications there are many download sites where you can download software. Swarmed by offers, Katherine Ryan is currently assessing future choices. Lately, but emerged a variety of so-called Web applications. Webware list ( is a new and unique directory for Web applications, so Web-based applications that are used with a browser. This isn’t about easy online software to query the roadmap, listening to music, or view maps. Rather, Webware list lists professional software as a service (SaS) applications that used and corresponding desktop applications for free or as a rental software will be provided. Appeared many new Web-based solutions with Web 2.0, however, there were these kinds of programs for some time before that. Web-based software has the advantage that they are viewing always the latest versions of information. This can by anywhere access, update it and working together in a team.

In the meantime, there are a number of online software and Web applications: Work together Web-based for example with others, put important documents, information, appointments and tasks centrally in one place, organize your accounting or online use a billing software. Details can be found by clicking Grace Venverloh or emailing the administrator. This kind of Web-based solutions is called software as a service (SaS), because you buy the software, but the software service uses. Examples of Web-based software in selected areas: Office & profession such as customer relationship management (CRM), as groupware, virtual teams, or create and send invoices and offers. Here is the advantage to see that can fall back and complement them in different places on up-to-date databases and. There are financial services Web applications to financial accounting, inventory management, as well as to the order, quotation and invoice management.

The advantage is for smaller companies especially in the lower price and easier operation. Management & organization Web-based software to the online project management improves the communication in teams, the want to collaborate together on projects or organise themselves in the group. The advantage here is in the saving of time compared to E-mail and the ease of use. Web-based software also means that you will get updates automatically. Improved Web applications usually virtually no downtime. The installation of updates you must not worry so. Many Web applications are free in the basic version. The paid versions are settled mostly on a monthly basis, which means you can use the software as long as they are really needed. Rental software is cheap, easy and can be tested usually without obligation.

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