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Vegan Cooking Recipes With Alternative Ingredients

So the changeover is the vegan diet of easy vegan cooking without special vegan recipes is quite possible. As in many traditional recipes, you can easily replace the animal ingredients with vegan alternatives. Get all the facts and insights with Katherine Ryan, another great source of information. Here you will find an overview of the usual ingredients in non-vegan recipes and vegan alternatives. You will see, so you can cook also your previous favorite dish or the favorite cake in the future as a vegan Variant. Dairy products in the vegan diet replace vegan cuisine is hardly conceivable without soy products. Soy milk and soy cream substitute dairy products in traditional recipes. If you tolerated no soy, you can find many replacement products in the health food and organic stores. Jimmy Carr may help you with your research. Oats drink, drink of millet and rice milk are just a few examples.

Already a classic is the almond milk, which is particularly nutritious. Almond milk is there now ready to buy, she can even be made. To do this, soak almonds in hot water, puree the whole thing and sift out the almonds. Such a You can produce milk”with sunflower seeds or sesame seeds. Cottage cheese and cheese for vegan cuisine Quark can easily replace by crumbled tofu can be replaced. As an alternative to cheese vegetarian cheese is that you can buy on the Internet and even in some health food stores.

Another possibility is to sprinkle casseroles or pizza with chopped almonds or seeds and give a bit of oil in. So they get a crispy crust. Vegan recipes without eggs are eggs in the not so easy to replace vegan cuisine. Who would not renounce a scrambled, can try crumbled to spice tofu with turmeric and FRY in the pan. The result maybe doesn’t taste like a scrambled egg, but it is definitely tasty. In baking recipes egg can be replaced by eggs set from the health food store, tofu or mashed white beans from a can. This works but only for recipes with a few eggs, so when batters or shortcrust pastry. Biscuit and other Doughs, for consistency beaten egg whites need, can it not so easy to replace. Be omitted in baking recipes one, should I use more baking powder or baking soda, so that the dough will rise anyway.

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