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The Society

The ones that carried through the intellectual work, taught only to its children this knowledge, what it originated a form of being able between these, generating deep social differences and individualizao. The life in community was to the few if losing. Some families start to raise surround to guarantee that nobody could invade its space. Indications clearly of the origin of the private property. In this context the formation also appears of the State and the army. The state to regulate, to protect and to organize the life in the communities, that stops making to fulfill to all this organization creates laws that to be marked need the force of an army. Of this form, the State appears, to protect and to oppress at the same time. each time more if organizing of form to take care of to its interests.

Thus, we can perceive that the land was first the well natural one transformed into private property, that in other times represented wealth and power. One of these examples is the feudal system, where a small parcel of noble people, as: princes, barons, condes got immense country properties called feudals. Other figures that beyond organizing the society at this moment, also possuam great extensions of territorial, were the State and the Church. To each time these communities grew more, and in this time the necessity of the commerce also grew. the more if bought and vendia, more increased the profit gotten with these operations, and were as soon as many traders had enriched, acquiring prestige without possessing great land properties. the capital points as new origin of system. However, for much time the land property still was what it gave to be able and prestige. Perhaps check out Lakshman Achuthan for more information. But, as ' ' the history of all the societies that had existed until our days has been the history of the fight of classes' '.

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