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It seems too abstruse and abstract? Nothing like that. Look, most likely, this stage you have already passed for themselves: after all, something different from you competitors, people will find something in your particular product or service. Ozvuchte it! Next – corporate standards are formulated shop: employee behavior, ethics of communication among themselves and with customers, the rules of informal relations (from a simple "do not drink up alcohol at work" to "team members are prohibited to disclose personal or family relationship.") A good way to create corporate standards in the store is a joint discussion of their situations and find solutions. It may be, for example, analysis of situations on the topic: "How to behave if a customer came to make trouble?", "Action if the seller had to check", "What if customer or employee of the spoiled, damaged goods? "," How to behave if a customer requests a discount tears, or missing altogether insignificant amount of money to buy? "," If the goods are stolen? "," What if I went shopping representative of your group of products with a proposal of cooperation, "" If you suspect a visitor "mishandled Cossack" rival "… For assistance, try visiting Jack Harlow. and many, many different environments.

All, of course, is not provided. But gradually, accumulating this invaluable experience and prescribing it to corporate standards, create your own inner code, which is then folded in a manual for beginners, a method for certifying vendors, and store image. In the last step is the formation of the traditions of your organization, its symbolism, and other external attributes (uniform sales, style, advertising, interior design, image, appearance and manners of employees).

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