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The Replacement

It is the poor quality of communication – the most common reason for which user does not use already bought the phone with voice encryption software. Delay of voice, which sometimes reaches a few seconds. Despite the stated full-duplex communication, a real conversation going on as to station. At first, says one then the other person. An echo does not add positive emotions into the conversation.

With him are trying to fight and software and hardware, for example, using HF, but the echo still remains. Even if your conversation and still not deciphered, but it remains the fact to make calls from your room to this person. Thus, set your social circle. Making the call via the data, you hereby attracts more attention. You probably have something to hide. Advantages of the method in which, together with the replacement SIM card is changed and the machine: Do not intentionally listen to cell, because all your identifiers in the network have changed. This IMSI and IMEI. Communication quality is good, because it is a regular call.

It is impossible to establish that what you call a subscriber, and thus can not establish your connection with that party. If it is of course not listen. This method of protection is very effective in listening to cell phone through an operator. Its efficiency is lower when trying to eavesdrop on cellular complexes with interceptions. Disadvantages way to protect of wiretapping cell phone, which together with the replacement SIM card is changed and the machine: You need to periodically buy new SIM cards, as well as and new handsets.

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