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The Look

When you wear such a thing, we always want something to tighten, fix, poddernut. These things can be used as follows: those who are great – please bring a good tailor, and usheyte to your size. If they are not worth it – give to friends or the needy. Those small – just give it as inconvenient things – they will no longer useful. These things can only reduce your self-confidence and ruin the appearance. 3. Vzgyanite on her beautiful face.

During the fitting items from your wardrobe, look at how clothing communicates with the person. Surely there are things that your face becomes pale and expressionless, showing signs of fatigue. But sometimes and ask around – not sick, you know? Calculate such things and get rid of them. They take you appeal. Write in the wardrobe of those things against which the person is, the eyes look brighter and your skin – fresh. 4. Try to plan the things of your kits that are suitable for color, texture, style.

So you may find it easier choose a suitable morning and nice clothes. Carefully review your wardrobe. What kind of things in it too much (stuff – ‘clones’), and what little contrary. So you can understand buying what things to avoid and what things need to be buy to look like every day is new and stylish (for example, to realize shortage of accessories in the locker room, but in fact they make the image complete and delicious!) I’m sure that many of these things you already know, but do not use. So, I hope that once again after reading these tips, you will remember them, and you can look better today. In the meantime, I will cite an example: my friend, use the tips separated half of the things from her wardrobe. After that she broke up with useless half – gave the familiar, threw something left in a separate location in case of ‘go for bread. ” Assess the feasibility of the remaining half, she bought additional necessary things soberly – as in How much she needs. Rationally spend money and improve the look! And how do you know any ways to quickly improve their appearance? What are the ways you use yourself?

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