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Stuart Hall

It is possible to work anywhere with a computer and, in fact, not to lose the work one has to be arranged to move, consequently participates little in local social organizations and it does not belong nowhere. The social landscape of the computer science industry, without religion, policy, family, history nor obligations to a particular place, is a version of the subjects that fix them without aid of anybody. But, what it happens if they do not know or they cannot? The cultural identity, says to Stuart Hall to us, is as much what we will be as what we are, our identities " we plows the yams give to the different ways we plows positioned by, and position ourselves within, the narratives of the past" (Hall: 706). Our relation with the past always will be then united to our memory. But our memory is not fixed, is not a warehouse where the past it stays intact, hoping to be called to the present. A past experience cannot be repeated with all exactitude, necessarily is constructed again in each memory or act of harvesting. Against the search of the truth that centers these films exist other opinions and other advertising texts like which it follows that rather they turn and are pronounced by means of a conformista identity. Fragment of a song of the moment that has been spread until crushing the ears to us: I am only an actor who forgot its script, After all they are only words that do not say to anything the days that happen, The lights of the dawn, My soul, my body, my voice, does not serve don’t mention it What would not give I to have your glance, For being as always both While everything changes Because I without you am not nothing Without you I am not nothing Without you I am not nothing.

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